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Eastern American CDC is a Certified Development Lender that provides financial support for its local community’s economic development through cooperation with local governments and local commercial banks.

The professional management team and staff are subject to rigorous SBA training in the SBA 504 program. The management team and staffs are highly skilled and experienced in packaging loans, processing loan applications, closing loans, servicing loans, and if necessary, liquidating such loans.

*What is CDC? Certified Development Company (CDC) is a nonprofit corporation that promotes economic development within its community through 504 loans. Eastern American CDC is one of the four CDCs in the State of New Jersey.

     & VISION

Eastern American CDC’s primary goal is to be a one-stop financial service to the entrepreneur and small business owner. We consider the entrepreneur and the small business owner to be the heart and pioneering spirit of American business.


The most difficult challenge facing entrepreneurs and small business owners today is simply: THE NEED FOR CAPITAL. However, most small business owners are not familiar with navigating complex legal and financial documents which often translates to: NO ACCESS TO CAPITAL.


Eastern American CDC is a one-stop-shop serving financial products that the entrepreneur and small business owner need on a daily basis. With our licensed ability to cooperate with local governments and financial institutions, Eastern American CDC creates a Cross Cultural Marketing Experience designed to assist the entrepreneur and small business owner in achieving success.

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Kwon H. Jung


Hello Small Businesses!


Welcome to the world of SBA 504, the best financial

services for small business owners! I'm Kwon H Jung,

CEO & President of Eastern American CDC. We have worked very hard on our mission to develop the local economy to create more jobs for the local community.

I and our team have 20+ years of retail lending 

experience A to Z to support your financial needs.

Contact us and get the finest financial consulting service you can ever get. We will never give up on you.

We will try our best to reach your financial dream.    

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